hoi4 bulgaria seeks balkan claims

What are the chances that the third tag is an Illyria rework? I am beyond amazed at the scope of this rework. This doesn't just happen to Italy, I have seen it also happen to Greece and Turkey. There are very few of those at game start which is weird for a hegemon and Weltkrieg victor. Is the Belgrade Pact still "supposed" to win the war without player intervention? Rightfully, this defeat is immediately dubbed the National Catastrophe.

His irl death date(10.9.1949) or another? Hey everyone, I am Augenis! Yes, and it ruined my Byzantine Empire run. To not make this PR longer than it needs to be, only a summary of the full new Bulgaria lore will be present here. Since it's weird that this Balkan nation (Greece) is not part of this Balkan rework. Instead, once the Balkans Rework is released, you will be able to find full information in the Kaiserreich Wiki - here. In 1936, it starts out tentatively allied with Zveno in spite of their differences, but once the Zveno regime loses the Balkan War, the alliance between Zveno and the Legions falters. Abolishing the State Protection Act will allow the movement in defense of the Tarnovo Constitution to consolidate their gains, eliminating military opposition to democracy while pursuing national reform to recover popular trust in parliament. This rework is looking really good and combines diplomacy with warfare which are the 2 aspects hoi4 that are the most fun imo. I like The old Military focus three more than the upcoming rework ngl,its kinda reflect bulgarian theme of "Prussian in the Balkans", granted the new one is fitting with the new lore about bulgaria being not ready to face imminent war with the Beograd pact but, it's just that i'm not sold with the new Military focus tree, This might be wrong as I just started playing but it seems Bulgaria can only get four research slots? Well, Romania was already reworked and Greece doesn't need a rework, so I'm putting my money on Albania, I dont know about greece it feels weird to me that the republicans a liberals in general were as sucessful as they were I would expect that the loss of the war would be put solely on them and that germany would support constantine and his son more due to their germanophilia, which makes me think that a greek royal dicatatorship would be the most likely outcome, the lore kinda feels like everything went somewhat like otl after the greco-turkish war which doesn't really make sense the pro-german anti-war deposed king would be totaly vindicated after the failiure and would probaly easily take over and still have political capital to purge the liberals, this all would could create some fun scenarios like an unpopular royal dictartoship being overthrown by more radical pro republican/national- irredentist / socialist forces as wel, l as with the total defeat and no population exchanges there a lot of irredentism which could generate nationalist movements like the ones we've seen all over the balkans, greece in itself is probably one of my favorite nations to play in kaiserreich I would say it's very very well done just the lore is kind of wonky for me, Greece still has outdated whacky lore so theres your issue, The two countries are Serbia and Bulgaria, I know, but if read the end of the post, there appears to be a third one, Oh, so there are indeed only 2 in the balkan rework.

Or will the rework aim for a different balance? There are also a handful of businesses like Mondragon and the "recovered companies" of Argentina. At a minimum though everyone can core Bulgaria's starting borders. I don't see any of syndicalism having more influence than Marxism did otl in KR. What would be considered as a threat for them ? The clique of the Royal Family has an easier time in getting their path through - all they have to do is to wait out the 300 days without the Act being abolished and they will entrench themselves in power. The Gerber goals of this wasn't really to have Workplace democracy but for employee-stockholders to take ownership of their work.

Hence why I based it on multiple. Even having the required deputies may not be the end-all solution, as trying to complete focus will inevitably be faced with backlash, and could thus fail outright. Press J to jump to the feed. In OTL Britain ended up losing its #1 world power status even though they won both world wars and there homeland wasn't directly invaded. There was a Spanish user here who mentioned having worked for one once. Though the Bulgarian military is aware of the threat posed to the state by its neighbours, their forces still need to undergo reform in preparation. The Royal Dictatorship is also accessible as a political path if either the Constitutionalists or Zveno lose the Balkan War - the utter collapse of the Tsars opposition allows him to stage a takeover and restore his control over the state, except in that case, the Tsar is Boris III, rather than Ferdinand I. Sorry for the nitpick, but The Prince of the People description has a double negative. Reworking a crownland alone would mean break the A-H content.

At 292 focuses and 218 focuses respectively, Serbia and Bulgaria will be one of the largest tags in the game, focus tree wise - enough content for more than one playthrough! The difference is the UK wasnt fighting for political control (in all cases except for in the ME), and WK1 started as a war of Political control by Austria over Serbia. The National Catastrophe focuses will deal with the consequences of the defeat, rebuilding after the disastrous war and backing resistance organizations such as the IMRO and their sister movement in Thrace, ITRO. 1. Bohemia and the other crownlands will be updated with Austria, since they interact very deeply. What is abolish-able is businesses and firms that are implied in the term "workplace democracy". Sure. Some time ago there was a post about Northern Dobruja and South-Western Macedonia (the state and makes Thessaloniki an exclave) not making sense as part of Bulgaria. Finally, by fulfilling certain conditions, each one of the three pre-war paths can unlock unique postwar content, dealing with even greater challenges and goals.

If you're playing as OTT and BUL doesn't send the mission, can you choose not to intervene in the war? Syndie one certainly will, I take it.

His supposed anarchist influence is overstated IMO. Will different flavors of Yugoslavia get different flags? Finally, make sure to check the subreddit next week, when the third tag intended to release the next patch will be presented! The real cause was because the Central Powers were clearly losing the war by then and Bulgaria was already considering a separate peace (which, under Malinov, they did, though it took a few months). Cooperatives do exist OTL in various European countries at least, if that counts. What do you think the means of production are? Like Totalism isnt supposed to be a left-aligned secret-police state but because of circumstances in China thats what it is; in China. ", It's still accurate. Without the negatives it would need to be something like, every village in Bulgaria contains someone who has ridden with the Prince. The Narrow Socialists, the agrarian Vlasovden Confederation, and Aleksandar Stamboliyskis underground republican faction of the Agrarian National Union will join forces, establishing the Fatherland Front. 2 As stated before, Serbia and Bulgaria will both be in the next update for Kaiserreich, intended to release later this summer. Which is the lore about the lands gained by Bulgaria after WK1? For a capitalist country, I am not sure if this counts but during the privatization of Poland at the Alima-Gerber factory in Rzeszw, Poland, formerly a state-owned enterprise, which was privatized by the Gerber. Once 1938 arrives, new, freer elections are held, and Bulgaria unlocks a new focus tree for the policies of the four political parties able to compete and form a new government - the Social Conservative National Liberals, the Market Liberal Democratic Party, the Social Liberal Vrabcha 1 Agrarian National Union, and the Social Democrat Social Democratic Workers Party. In both cases, they will be Paternal Autocrat. If it is impossible to both take tsarigrad and do whatever Bulgaroslavia thing that is in the same run, I'll be sadge. Its bull crap, and a known issue, but paradox hasnt touched Italy in years, its an extremely outdated country, so this cant be helped I guess. I already creamed my pants after hearing about this news, well done. Not sure if I skimmed over this, but if you give the ottomans enough concessions, would it be possible to secure an alliance in the 4th balkan war? What lands will Bulgaria be able to core in the rework? Oh, I thought the balkan rework was only 2 countries? It faces issues internal and external - the military and its influence are enormous and seek to topple the last vestiges of parliamentarism, the authoritarian laws of the Georgiev era are retained and draw increasingly more ire, while its status as a Balkan hegemon turns increasingly fragile. which is clearer but lacks a certain flair. Sadly, it appears we can't do that anymore. In the sense that they must be legal I mean, not in that they are required by law in every company. I wonder who can join the Anti-Belgrade Pact. They're mostly cool guys with their heads on straight, but so many of them have aforementioned heads up their own asses. Wow. Amazing work as always, just one thing, how come it's the right (and the Royal dictatorship) that enshrines women's rights and not the left? Agrarian socialists are recognised as syndicalists due to their ideological beliefs. Well it would be hard for the devs to work with that because HOIV AI immediately becomes 2x more incompetent for each front added, and considering it's a three possibly four front war it would require Bulgaria to be pretty buffed. A workplace being democratic is quite literally one of the most important steps in achieving socialism, regardless of what kind it is. As a pacifist (yeah, in hoi4), reformist and evolution over revolution fan, I suppose that Bulgaria should die or, may be, make some united states of yugoslavia after the victory, but it sounds weird (and I don't want to destroy Austria), Hmm, there is still a way for Bulgaria to lose the war and then have the war just with Serbia, so the Macedonia won't be changing nationality again, The problem is the people actually in charge are not pacifists and since it's by no means a foregone conclusion that Bulgaria will lose then the government and general staff would never simply turn over what I think is 50% of their territory. The means of production refers to that, any thing which can be worked by labour to produce value. A great rework indeed !

The idea of workplace democracy is not a "core tenet of socialism" unless you believe the continuation of capitalist constructs like workplaces and market systems to be socialist as well, and Marx had a lot to say about that sort of corruption of his ideas. The first years of the country are a struggle, however, as Bulgaria barely went through the war without collapse. Will there still be an option in the custom game rules to decide who joins the belgrade pact?

Just sayin, I'm not demanding a rework now. Zveno, meanwhile, operates outside of the parliamentary arena entirely. Germany backs Bulgarian territorial claims, any axis power holds Macedonia or Thessaloniki and such it goes to Bulgaria and as a bulgarian myselfouch.

He was previously a constitutional monarchist, then a Jeffersonian federalist, and maybe a few other things. Will Bulgaria start with its current borders + nis? u/Augenis Does this go all the way in places like KR's Lithuania or Bulgaria? The largest-scale example is of course Yugoslavia, but that wasn't a capitalist country. I am Bulgarian and I'm impressed and really happy for this! But the adoption of some policies inspired by syndicalism doesn't mean that leftism has a greater impact in KR. Is it possible for legionary bulgaria to ally with iron guard Romania or will it be more of a pariah state?

I think, I updated the Bulgarian flag but I don't remember if it was already added in previous updates. Could the Turkish rework be coming in the update? Starting the Mission to Kostantinyye National Focus will initiate a chain of events, in which the Ottomans may present Bulgaria with numerous demands and concessions, in exchange for their neutrality in the War. I'm not surprised its not getting an update yet, if at all; it barely needs one. Romania has already been reworked and is considered complete. My bulgarian soul is filled with joy..

Jul 30 '21 Wait, where were the FAKB mentioned? But they're still having to co-opt leftist policies to a higher extent than in OTL. During the first phase of the game, the player will play from his perspective and will have to align with one of three factions: At any time, the player may begin the abolition of the State Protection Act, however, if lacking deputies, this focus will automatically fail in a few days. I see that the trend of teased paths is still going strong. Isn't needed a rework? That being said, one question comes to mind: Considering that Bulgaria can straight up attack Serbia while IMRO is gaming in Macedonia, what happens if Bulgaria loses again? For some, Zvenos national transformation entails a removal of the interfering monarchy, while others believe these two poles can cooperate towards the greater good. Not many flavor events and the political paths are kind of blocky and straightforward. Am I missing something and theyre part of the Narrow Socialist path? It's similar to how national wellfare, unions and the minimum wage were implemented in capitalist nations to get average people to turn away from socialist movements OTL. As one last set of teasers from the Balkans rework, here are the full Serbia and Bulgaria focus trees! Looks great, out of curiosity, anything currently planned in this rework related to the Bulgarian minority in Bessarabia/Budjak? You start with 3 and only gain 1 from focuses. As the situation in the Tsardom grows more and more tense, numerous events will detail opposition from every side of the political spectrum, oftentimes seeking to convince the Prime Minister to change his position on the State Protection Act. Why was this option (surrender as Bulgaria) removed? Zveno may also take over from the Royal Dictatorship if it loses the Balkan War, via a military coup which takes over from the disgraced monarchy and sweeps it away. So only royal dictatorship path can join the reichspakt or did I understand that in a wrong way? Are the devs more satisfied with the state it is now or is there just not enough interest and priority? Hah, I wouldn't say I'm a leftcom just yet. Thank you for the reply! Soon, however, Stainov starts to develop positions of his own, and some say he seeks an opportunity to show his teeth. Since in the last PR you said that only one other Balkan nation besides Serbia would be reworked. Prime time for lots of Balkans fun. The ultimate goal of the Legionary regime is to quickly renew the war with the Pact.

Believing Bulgaria to have been stabbed in the back and not truly defeated on the battlefield, they will rapidly militarize the country, sapping it of resources, and seek to renew the war - or collapse and lead to the restoration of the Royal Dictatorship. weakest focus tree in Bulgaria > strongest focus tree in Hungary. Then why would they be implemented in capitalist nations if that weren't the case? Also, why is the Federation of Anarcho-Communists of Bulgaria represented as being Totalist? Yea that other Balkan nation getting reworked is this PR. Any changes in Bulgarias borders other than serbias? While playing as Bulgaria, I liked to submit peacefully, so I could keep my manpower and equipment, then take revenge on the pact with full strength, when they are at war with Austria. This, and political disarray, opts Crown Prince Boris to get his father to appoint one of his favorites, general Konstantin Georgiev, as the Prime Minister. What about Albania? That's more than you can say about the average liberal democracy. The army is broken, the economy is crumbling, and the pride of the Bulgarian people has been shattered. The government is challenged by the democratic forces, organized under the Committee of Five (Petorka), an informal alliance of five party leaders in the National Assembly (Sbranie). Turkey is kind of a balkan nation. And they were literally syndicalists, some of the few OTL examples in fact. Some stability is regained, though internal tensions rise. The factory isn't going to be torn down, but the structure by which the factory is owned by a business with employees is, regardless of who "owns" the business and who is allowed to decide who gets fired and what the wages are. The new Bulgarian focus tree and event paths looks really good TBH. The full Serbia tree was not shown off in the previous progress report, as it only has focuses for one tree at any given time, but we have decided to show off at least one full path for each tag. A socialist society has no private firm, no wages, no employees. He is backed by an alliance of the National Liberals and the United Peoples Progressive Party - the Second Liberal Concentration. Malinov was seen as a politician away from the pre-war pro-German consensus who would thus be more acceptable to the Entente during peace negotiations. Like maybe a post-war population exchange with Romania? Thank you all for reading this Progress Report, and I hope the Balkans Rework leaves you excited! Bosses and management? So pretty rare. I'm much the same. Their insurgents will instigate the Holy Sunday Church Assault, which, if completely successful, will leave the entire nation decapitated, and allow the Fatherland Front to seize power. A dance between numerous factions unfolds in the political stage in 1920-1925, National Liberals hold a plurality by coursing on patriotism and their war victory, constantly challenged by a plethora of opponents. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After the Serbian revolution of 1925, agitation spreads to Bulgaria and Stamboliyski embraces republicanism. It is not a part of the Balkans Rework, but we hope you are excited for it nevertheless! At last ! Some states in greece and yugoslavia get a new modifier called pre-arranged bulgarian territorry, meaning if a faction member of theirs will automatically give up those terriorries to bulgaria, no questions asked, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Will thessaloniki remain a greek exclaves? No. Hats off to you Devs. Where does KR countries have to co-opt leftist policies to a higher extent? In the early 20s, NLP negotiates with parliamentary Agrarians and agrees to a release of their imprisoned leader Aleksandr Stamboliyski. Mao was only an anarchist for less than a year at like 19 years old, at a time when he was exploring different political ideas and switching ideologies every few months. Can the Legions seperate from Zveno if Bulgaria wins the Fourth balkan war? Bulgarian Legionaries are never going to ally with a nation which just invaded them and destroyed them. They lose normally, annexed and puppeted by the Pact. Are you people not satisfied with their current rework ? It adds a sense of realism to the world. I said no to that. If what I heard is correct then anarchists in catolonia had it for a while. No, they stay as a junior member in the alliance.

Also are the legionaries allied with the agrarians/peasants or is it just an officer movement that lacks popular support. Not an alliance per se, but the Ottomans will provide aid for you during the war. It's just that they tend to be smaller than traditional corporations, with the biggest one being in Spain. Because I believe as some people pointed out the bulgarians never secured an agreement with Germany on taking east Salonika. Free Market with Syndicalist Characteristics, AuthDem with SocDem and MarLib characteristics + syndie + Natpop, Anarcho-Monarquism with portuguese characteristics, Joe Biden is an syndicalist in Kaiserreich, The government is challenged by the democratic forces, news of sudden Serbian and Romanian rearmament, conflict between republicans and monarchists, the alliance between Zveno and the Legions falters. Got it. You can't give a general statement like that based on 1 thing in 1 nation. I cannot really reveal, no, because of, as you say, different unique paths for each country after the war. Or they just need to take up a slot (syndicalism still needs industrial unionism btw). Nice, glad to see that Serbia and Bulgaria are reworked together! Edit: They are also guaranteed in some constitutions, like Portugal's. Probably if one of the Internationale members borders Bulgaria. This also happens to Greece, which is even more bullshit cause youre in the Axis and have cores on the land. Lol my fried told me just the other month, there is no way the Balkans are getting a rework anytime soon, and especially Bulgaria, look where we are now. Once fully rebuilt and recovered, Bulgaria will be able to return to battle again - either as an ally of Austria, the Pacts immediate enemy, or as an independent, opportunist entity in the Balkans. Not long ago, the Lithuania Rework did the same thing. In the leader description Eastern ROme was mentioned so Byzantine empire restoratration path confirmed? Honestly Greece is in a pretty decent state as is imo. You can't give a general statement like that based on 1 thing in 1 nation. r/Kaiserreich Great, my country gets a rework just after Kaiserreich was removed from Paradox Plaza Was it removed temporarily or permanently? The "Bulgoslavia" flag looks pretty neat. I clicked down the event before reading it but it only had one choice.. If Serbia does not invite them then maybe, aside for that no, they will join. In 1933, Ferdinand I and prince Boris orchestrate the appointment of another puppet - independent diplomat and parliamentarian Petko Stainov. That's not really true though, the Treaty of Bucharest was an excuse and not the real cause. In the far west, former members of the IMRO organize into home defense organizations, the Ohrana, which serve as a haven for far right ideas and their development. Depending on its political path, Bulgaria will be able to join the Reichspakt, the Moscow Accord or Donau-Adriabund after victory in the Balkan War, and thus participate in the Second Weltkrieg. Ive been thinking about a Bulgaria game for a while, and next update looks like the perfect time for it! I suppose this means Bulgaria will be able to create their own version of Yugoslavia? Literally where has the idea of Workplace democracy been implemented? That is, unless Bulgaria negotiates with them and appeases them in advance. I'm really surprised by Bulgaria joining the Belgrade Pact.

As long as Germany or Russia don't collapse (depending on who won), it might be fine. If Bulgaria is pro-Axis, any land owned by a member of the axis that do not have core on it will go to bulgaria if they have a claim on it (exept for that bit in Romania). The Constitutionalist focus tree can also be accessed if the Royal Dictatorship loses the Fourth Balkan War and is thus forced to abandon its absolutist intentions, restoring the Tarnovo Constitution with numerous amendments to permanently curtail the power of the Tsar. Because syndicalism has taken over the place of marxist communism and it's place otl? Oh yeah, its not at current quality, but there are certainly nations that need more pressing updates, since as you say its quite above par as far as older content goes. 1936 is a year of waking up for Bulgaria, and it begins with Operation Nishava. You said that leftist policies have a greater impact in krtl than otl. Late summer can't come sooner enough! They hate mm because mm is spitting the truth. I'm just reffering to how the Bulgarians had ambitions after taking Constantinopole, no Byzantine Empire wet dream of mine or anythin'. Geopolitically, Bulgaria has grown isolated, withdrawn to internal affairs, and its politicians, expecting Austro-German hegemony to maintain peace in Europe, pay little mind to the events in Serbia or Romania. I have already made clear that the entire concept of a workplace is abolished in a socialist society for the same reasons that wages and markets are, they are vestiges of capitalism. The Fatherland Front has three political factions, one of whom will seize power after a chain of events: The Fatherland Front is also unique in that it is also the only path for Bulgaria which can unlock A Path to Peace, an alternate option which allows a Bulgaria - if it has fully stabilized - to join the Belgrade Pact.

If you're in the axis and Germany recognizes bulgarian claims, all of the bulgarian claims go to bulgaria regardless of who occupies them. By the '20s, the meaning of that term had clearly shifted from Marxism in general to reformist, electoral socialism. The Zveno focus tree will be centered around a conflict between republicans and monarchists, the former represented by Kimon Georgiev and Damyan Velchev, and the latter by Pencho Zlatev. Theyre on the party list in the starting situation screenshot. Vasil Radoslavov, the wartime PM, remains after the war and unites most of the wartime Liberal Concentration coalition into the National Liberal Party. The Second Concentration will change to a Social Conservative government. The third non Balkan tag getting reworked is something to look forward to as well. Then you can't deny it didn't have a huge influence on the economic policies put in place to disuade workers from revolution. Even before adopting the Communist label, left wing splits from the Second International parties dropped that name. And they make fun of me for playing TNO ;-; Real Boss Baby vibes coming from this comment, The Nagative Belgrade Pact VS Belgrade Pact 2. To be clear when I say "workplace" I am not referring to an area where labour is performed, the abstract concept of that is practically impossible to abolish. PM Georgiev creates an authoritarian system and promulgates the State Protection Act (.

The Zveno clique will seek to take advantage of the chaos and may attempt a coup detat at two political crises - the escalation of the Black Monday Crisis and the news of sudden Serbian and Romanian rearmament. They are not allied with the Agrarians but they do have countryside support here and there. No there will never be a Byzantine restoration path. Ah, so they get the generic tree then? Workplaces aren't capitalist constructs. The Zveno political circle can best be described as a clique of ivory tower intellectuals and officers frustrated with what they perceive as internal weakness and inaction, and seeing themselves as the saviors from this disorder. If the Constitutionalists lose the Balkan War, their policies, scaling down the suppression apparatus before the conflict, will lead to a massive growth for the far left. My bet is on somewhere in Latin America. So Albania is being considered for rework? It is inspired by Boris Savinkov in Russia as well as the Iron Guard in Romania. Probably near 0, since Augenis said it won't be a Balkan tag.

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