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You cant implement culture change. I feel that my organization cares about me. Notes "Without asking people about the performance of the system, the team would not have A good, loosely-coupled architecture allows not just the software but the teams to scale. Continuous Delivery practices will help improve culture. All stakeholders share a high sense of belonging and fulfilled mutual purpose (Smith and Lindsay 2014, p. 1). They also can make intentional errors, for example a user with root access changing data in log files. Our research shows that Lean management, along with a set of other technical practices known collectively as continuous delivery (Humble and Farley 2010), do in fact impact culture, To calculate the score for each survey response, take the numerical value (1-7) corresponding to the answer to each question and calculate the mean across all questions. Skepticism about good data is valid, so lets start here: How much can you trust data that comes from a survey? This reinforces the importance of focusing on the architectural characteristics, discussed below, rather than the implementation details of your architecture. What do you mean by automated tests and continuous integration? How can I make it safe for others to learn? Contrary to assumptions, adding employees when there's a proper software/team architecture leads to increasing deployment frequency. Here are clear, consistent variable names. The research presented in this book covers a four-year time period, and was conducted by the authors. What does "shifting left" [on security] mean? key insights into the bottlenecks and constraints in your system.". How (and why) to maintain a file for internal projects: Onboarding and Continuous Integration, One Sheet Summary: Leadership is Language, NuGet 5.7+ Ignores NuSpec CSProj Replacement Tokens - and other weird behaviors, Tech Debt - You can't put maintenance last if you want to drive a race car, The Four Foundations of Software Improvement - Letter-Size Art Deco Poster. Many developers are ignorant of common security risks, such as the OWASP Top 10. My intent is to provide an overview of what struck me in the material, and to encourage any visitor to purchase and read this important work. A good leader affects a teams ability to deliver code, architect good systems, and apply Lean principles to how the team manages its work and develops products. Ill cover your back.' Surveys are often an excellent way to gather and measure data. 2019-01-22 Parts 2 and 3 (chapters 12-16) added. -- A Classic and Effective Book For Decision-Making, "My" Git Aliases (with a nod to Smith and Jones), Proposal: Combine Agile and Craftsmanship Manifestos into "Agile Crafted Software Values", Suggestion for Uncle Bob: Change "Software Craftsmanship" to "Crafted Software", Don't Be a Lazy Programmer Like Matthew Jones Isn't, Personal Reflections on Removing Distractions for Improved Productivity, Digital Minimalism: A Week of Web Blocking for Productivity and Well-Being, Revert PackageReference Project to Packages.config, Create a Simple Photo Album Site With Wix, Three Rules for Successfully Starting a Habit, Getting Started With Software (and Business and Life) Skills, A Simple, Effective Meeting Agenda System, Highly Opinionated Android To Do and Note Apps Comparison, Tid Bits: VS Code: Orange Icon Resurrection, Tid Bits: Use Visual Studio for Git Diff/Merge, 3 Chrome Extensions for Performance, Research, and Blogging, Solving NancyFx Tokenizer keyChain.bin Invalid Read Type Request '115', My Ideal Markdown Editor - Thoughts and Reviews Part 1, My Why and How of posh-git: Context Menu, Transcripts, and TF.exe, How to Secure-Erase Regular and SSD Hard Drives Without Superstition, Grammar for Developers - 3 Simple Rules, 3 Common Mistakes, Notes on Improving Developer Team Practices, Entity Framework 6 Child Deletion and Foreign Keys - String Int GUID, LINQPad - Refresh Entity after SubmitChanges to Avoid Cached Results, Create Blog Post Using Markdown Monster's Command Addin, Batch Image Resize Checking Min Max in Both Dimensions, Combining VeraCrypt, Google Backup & Sync, and Sql Server Part 2, Combining VeraCrypt, Google Backup & Sync, and Sql Server Part 1, AngularJS service with var declarations instead of this. They look valuable, but there may not be a quick answer on strategic vs non-strategic software. Hire or train leader-managers who build a learning culture. Then you can perform statistical analysis on the responses as a whole. [emphasis mine]. The book is divided into three parts: the research results, the methodology, and a case study. 2) Don't contract your change out to a large consulting firm. Some things can only be measured through surveys. brothers blood gcse drama english And it is worth asking. 2019-01-05 Part 1 notes and quotes cleaned up. Use smaller teams and accurately support them at an, age and technology used for the application (for example, mainframe systems of record vs. greenfield systems of engagement), whether operations teams or development teams performed deployments, whether a change approval board (CAB) is implemented, 440 times faster lead time from commit to deploy, 170 times faster mean time to recover from downtime, 5 times lower change failure rate (1/5 as likely for a change to fail). Send an email. When managers are leaders, that's very powerful. I find that my values and my organizations values are very similar. Invest lots of time in a loosely-coupled, testable architecture. That helped us to do the right things.". I am glad I chose to work for this organization rather than another company. It brings a fundamental change in development and culture. We believe the better questions to ask are: How do we learn how to learn? These are my current opinions, based on the material. 22. This aspect of growing our initial sample is called referral sampling or snowball sampling. Snowball sampling was an appropriate data collection method for this study for several reasons: This chapter is a review of actual changes put in place by development management at "at ING Netherlands, a global bank with over 34.4 million customers worldwide and with 52,000 employees, including more than 9,000 engineers,", The chapter examines a "high-performing management framework in practice.". Encourage sharing and innovation by having demo days and forums. Rugged DevOps is the combination of DevOps with the Rugged Manifesto. Four components of Lean management applied to software: Lean management components modeled by the authors: WIP limits on their own do not strongly predict delivery performance. Lead Time is "the time it takes to go from a customer making a request to the request being satisfied." The extent to which teams slice up products and features into small batches that can be completed in less than a week and released frequently, including the use of MVPs (minimum viable products). Project finished. An additional type used as "classification.". An inclusive organization is one where all organizational members feel welcome and valued for who they are and what they bring to the table. Monitoring: Chapter 7 Lean management, as applied to software, currently yields better results that other practices. I am willing to put in a great deal of effort beyond what is normally expected to help my organization be successful. Make sure your team can choose their tools. Well briefly present some of these in this chapter. This is where development meets IT operations, and it is where there is the greatest potential for differences: in environment, in process and methodology, in mindset, and even in the words teams use to describe the work they do. Much of this concern comes from the types of surveys that many of us are exposed to: push polls (also known as propaganda surveys), quick surveys, and surveys written by those without proper research training. Being able to apply ones judgment and experience to challenging problems is a big part of what makes people satisfied with their work. Teams that reported no approval process or used peer review achieved higher software delivery performance.

Though we often hear stories of DevOps and technology transformation success coming from the grassroots, it is far easier to achieve success when you have leadership support. macbeth summary plot gcse english context historical roles female main "There was a tough deadline and lots of pressure. A recent Forrester (Stroud et al. Increase a culture of experimentation and learning. Whether teams have a good understanding of the flow of work from the business all the way through to customers, and whether they have visibility into this flow, including the status of products and features. 17.

Validity and reliability tests come before analysis. WIP limits: Chapter 7 The third objectivedevelop the peopleis especially important in a technology domain, where automation is disrupting many technology jobs. I talk of this organization to my friends as a great company to work for. Those who agreed with the following statements were more likely to be in the high-performing group: When teams can decide which tools they use, it contributes to software delivery performance and, in turn, to organizational performance. We give them speed with quality. Change approval processes: Chapter 7 This chapter should have been called, "Why Do We Trust Our Data?". (often answered "no"), Do you trust your system or log data? 2015). artsomecraft 15. Do you trust survey data? Inclusion must be present in order for diversity to take hold. Loosely coupled architecture: Chapter 5 Remote Work Tiny Tips - Gratitude, Gosh Darn It! Two characteristics of successful measures: focus on global outcomes, and focus on outcomes not output. It's important to distinguish between strategic and non-strategic software. People often hoard information or withhold it for political reasons, or distort it to make themselves look better. Table 3.1 Westrum's Typology of Organizational Culture. Women and underrepresented minorities report harassment, microaggressions, and unequal pay (e.g., Mundy 2017). Burnout can make the things we once loved about our work and life seem insignificant and dull. Includes correlation, but not causation), Inferential predictive (hypothesis-driven, but using "field data" because lab conditions aren't practical), Predictive (used to forecast future events based on previous events), Causal (generally requires randomized studies to determine cause and effect), Mechanistic (calculate exact changes to make to variables to cause exact behaviors that will be observed under certain conditions), Writing excellent surveys is difficult and requires training. We call this deployment pain, and it is important to measure because it highlights the friction and disconnect that exist between the activities used to develop and test software and the work done to maintain and keep software operational. There are five key principles at the heart of continuous delivery: In order to implement continuous delivery, we must create the following foundations: See the quote below, it's important that teams be loosely coupled, not just the architecture. In our search for measures of delivery performance, we settled on four: delivery lead time, deployment frequency, time to restore service, and change fail rate. [Note: especially for this research, which uses surveys across companies.]. (often answered "yes"), Have you ever seen bad data come from your system? Research shows that teams with more diversity with regard to gender or underrepresented minorities are smarter (Rock and Grant 2016), achieve better team performance (Deloitte 2013), and achieve better business outcomes (Hunt et al. If there is a values mismatch either between an employee and their organization, or between the organizations stated values and their actual values burnout will be a concern. It is self-steering, autonomous, end-to-end responsible for delivering a client-related objective, and dismantled as soon as the mission is executed. One Sheet Summary: Good Habits, Bad Habits, Bizarre NuGet.exe 5.7 "authors is required" behaviors, Introducing NUtCasE - A New Case for Coding, One Sheet Summary: "Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps", Five (so far) Dynamics of Group Problem Solving, Domain-Driven Design - An Opinionated Layers Graphic, .Net Framework NuGet Packages - Solving Assembly Redirection From Package vs Assembly Versioning, Dependency Resolution, and Strong-Naming. It often manifests itself as a feeling of helplessness, and is correlated with pathological cultures and unproductive, wasteful work. assignments, Factory Resetting Android Without Losing Your Life (Metaphorically), IdentityServer3 with PKCE Part 4 - Persisting User Data, IdentityServer3 with PKCE Part 3 - Persist IdentityServer Configuration, IdentityServer3 with PKCE Part 2 - Protected Resource Server, IdentityServer3 with PKCE Part 1 - Simple OAuth2 Server, TFS Continuous Integration Walk Through Part 5c - Multiple Solutions: Dependencies, TFS Continuous Integration - Agent Installation and Visual Studio Licensing, TFS Continuous Integration - ClickOnce Apps, TFS Continuous Integration and Private NuGet Package Sources, TFS Continuous Integration Walk Through Part 5b - Multiple Solutions: Simple Project References, TFS Continuous Integration Walk Through Part 5a - Multiple Solutions: Overview, TFS Continuous Integration Walk Through Part 4b - Problems With Traits, TFS Continuous Integration Walk Through Part 4a - Filtering Tests, TFS Continuous Integration Walk Through Part 3 - Notifications, TFS Continuous Integration Walk Through Part 2 - Create an Automated Build, TFS Continuous Integration Walk Through Part 1 - Installing TFS and Checking In a Test Project, What Else Programmers Do: A Text Manipulation Example, What does this code do? However, much of what has been implemented is faux Agilepeople following some of the common practices while failing to address wider organizational culture and processes. Is a member, not a leader. Yes, No, Cancel" Become Wrong? This is a chapter-by-chapter collection of notes and quotes for the book Accelerate: The Science of Lean Software and DevOps: Building and Scaling High Performing Technology Organizations, Nicole Forsgren PhD, Jez Humble, Gene Kim. But how does this apply to a small software/IT shop of, say a half dozen employees? Our tribe lead, Jannes, went to the squads and said, 'If the quality isnt there, dont release. I see autonomy of teams coming up quite a bit, not having to ask for permission to change from someone outside the team, and also that changes don't strongly affect other teams. These are all things we can actively watch for and improve as leaders and peers. Let teams choose their tools (except security tools, which should be approved and readily available). The quotes tell the tale. And coordinated lying would be difficult to accomplish. Whether development teams have the authority to create and change specifications as part of the development process without requiring approval.

I might even update the post! However, implementing the practices "often requires rethinking everything". In organizations with a learning culture, they are incredibly powerful. Identifying the population of those who make software using DevOps methodologies is difficult or impossible. Meetings: This structure leads to important information being relayed and acted upon across squads. entirely, you lose an important view into your systems. They make it more difficult for a single bad data source (whether through misunderstanding or a bad actor) to skew our results. We can and do deploy or release our application independently of other applications / services it depends on. The fact that software delivery performance matters provides a strong argument against outsourcing the development of software that is strategic to your business, and instead bringing this capability into the core of your organization. It's interesting that leaders don't have to be managers, and vice-versa.

Continuous delivery is a set of capabilities that enable us to get changes of all kinds features, configuration changes, bug fixes, experiments into production or into the hands of users safely, quickly, and sustainably. Keep development of strategic software in-house. Ensuring that your team has the resources to engage in informal learning and the space to explore ideas. Extended explanation, Nexus 5 GPS Lock Problem and Three--or More!--Solutions, How to Bypass the New Microsoft Office Startup and Save Screens, Google Tasks vs Reminders in Desktop and Phone, Catching Up on Coding - Claims-Based Identity Part 1, Creating Forms Authentication Membership Tables in LocalDBRight and Wrong Ways, Windows 10 Complaint #1: Auto Update State Loss, Disable Windows 10 Photo Automatic Albums, A Laymans Explanation of Mocking and Dependency Injection, Writing to the Current User(s) Registry When Running as System, Quickly Enable Mercurial Keyring for BitBucket, Create an Easily Debuggable Windows Service, VB.Net Windows Project to C# Conversion Tools Quick Review, Google Keep Changes: Taking to the Forums, Auto Updating a New Windows 7 Installation, Creating a Long-Lasting ClickOnce Certificate, More Encrypted Config FilesClickOnce Complications, Better Google Sites DesignThe Notched Page. Building trust with yoru counterparts on other teams. Sometimes, we may take a little longer than some of the others to reach green, but once we achieve it, we tend to stay green, when a lot of the others go back to red.. Don't leave security reviews until the end of development. (umyes). Push polls are those with a clear and obvious agendatheir questions are difficult to answer honestly unless you already agree with the researchers point of view.

Accelerate is the product of four years of serious, peer-reviewed research. In general, the people employed by my organization are working toward the same goal. "Path" is ambiguous. Proactive notification: Chapter 13

So, we felt we owned quality. (performance-oriented) organizations focus on the mission. We found that external approvals were negatively correlated with lead time, deployment frequency, and restore time, and had no correlation with change fail rate. By not collecting data on this group, we miss a cohort that are likely performing even worse than our low performers. How do we accomplish our goal? But if you want to know how they feel about the work environment and how supportive it is to their work and their goalsif you want to know why theyre behaving in the way you observeyou have to ask them. This project was based on quantitative survey data, allowing us to do statistical analyses to test our hypotheses and uncover insights into the factors that drive software delivery performance. Actively seeking, encouraing, and rewarding work that facilitates collaboration. And where do we start? It's validated. We did not collect data from professionals and organizations who were not familiar with things like configuration management, infrastructure-as-code, and continuous integration. Westrums theory posits that organizations with better information flow function more effectively. We [developers] don't like managers who get in the way, but we recognize that good leaders make a positive difference toward success. Collaboration among teams: Chapters 3 and 5 A key element of this is ensuring that information security teams make preapproved, easy-to-consume libraries, packages, toolchains, and processes available for developers and IT operations to use in their work. Finally, we want to make it easy for developers to do the right thing when it comes to infosec. Capability models do. Research has shown that organizational culture is predictive of technology and organizational performance, is predictive of performance outcomes, and that team dynamics and psychological safety are the most important aspects in understanding team performance.

People wont have perfect knowledge or visibility into systems either--but if you To expand our reach into the technologists and organizations developing and delivering software, we also invited referrals. A Chapter develops expertise and knowledge across squads, Make it your own: 1) Don't just copy. The data shows that this is not the case. Transformational leadership: Chapter 11. Customer feedback: Chapter 8 Human error should, instead, be the start of the investigation. Special care was also taken to send invitations to groups that included underrepresented groups and minorities in technology. There are several reasons to use survey data. The five most highly correlated factors are: It is important to note that the organizational values we mention here are the real, actual, lived organizational values felt by employees. A key goal of continuous delivery is changing the economics of the software delivery process so the cost of pushing out individual changes is very low. [emphasis mine]. Thus, employers have both a duty of care toward employees and a fiduciary obligation to ensure staff do not become burned out. Despite all of these clear advantages, organizations are failing to recruit and retain women in technical fields.


We found this surprising: we had expected teams working on packaged software, systems of record, or embedded systems to perform worse, and teams working on systems of engagement and greenfield systems to perform better. Its only when theyre combined with the use of visual displays and have a feedback loop from production monitoring tools back to delivery teams or the business that we see a strong effect. How do I learn? (I think understanding and using Wardley's mapping techniques will take some time. Diversity matters. : An introduction to Wardley (Value Chain) Mapping. The authors focused on the delivery part of lead time--"the time it takes for work to be implemented, tested, and delivered.". As Deming said, 'whenever there is fear, you get the wrong numbers'. And the best way to do that in a systematic, reliable way that can be compared over time is through surveys. This is often fueled by doubts about the quality of our underlying dataand therefore, the trustworthiness of our results. We found that approval only for high-risk changes was not correlated with software delivery performance. 12. 23.

Strategic software should be kept in-house.

Thus, accident investigations that stop at human error are not just bad but dangerous. The fear and anxiety that engineers and technical staff feel when they push code into production can tell us a lot about a teams software delivery performance. Removing Unremovable Bluetooth Device: FAIL! Humans make mistakes. Tabs vs Spaces is Dumb. Even if squads had differences, such as different kanban board columns, there was commonality so that key metrics could be clearly seen and understood by anyone entering the obeya. Team experimentation: Chapter 8, LEAN MANAGEMENT AND MONITORING CAPABILITIES

What Is Cyclomatic Complexity In a Nutshell? In order to reduce deployment pain, we should: Burnout is physical, mental, or emotional exhaustion caused by overwork or stress but it is more than just being overworked or stressed. (power-oriented) organizations are characterized by large amounts of fear and threat. It isn't guesswork or opinions from the field. 2018-12-12 Chapter 11 added, ending Part 1. We wanted to test whether these [Lean] practices have a direct impact on organizational performance, measured in terms of productivity, market share, and profitability. The academic rigor of this book is exceptionally high. If the organizational values felt by employees differ from the official values of the organization the mission statements printed on pieces of paper or even on placards it will be the everyday, lived values that count. Those in the department want to maintain their turf, insist on their own rules, and generally do things by the book their book. Below are some suggestions we offer, based on our own experiences in helping enterprises evolve toward a high-performing, generative culture: Comment for me? This reference will point you to them in the book. We found that employees in high-performing teams were 2.2 times more likely to recommend their organization to a friend as a great place to work, and 1.8 times more likely to recommend their team to a friend. We are often asked by enterprise leaders: How do we change our culture? ignore the perceptions and experience of the professionals working on your systems To measure [identification with the organization], we asked people the extent to which they agreed with the following statements (adapted from Kankanhalli et al. The analyses in the book fall into the first three categories. Everything is subordinated to good performance, to doing what we are supposed to do. Increase staff diversity and inclusivity. Again, let developers choose their tools. In addition to regular stand-ups with squads, product owners, IT-area leads, and chapter leads, the tribe lead also regularly visits the squads to ask questionsnot the traditional questions like Why isnt this getting done? but, rather, Help me better understand the problems youre encountering, Help me see what youre learning, and What can I do to better support you and the team? This kind of coaching behavior does not come easily to some leaders and managers.

Implementing continuous delivery means creating multiple feedback loops to ensure that high-quality software gets delivered to users more frequently and more reliably. See Simon Wardley and the Wardley mapping method. 11. Furthermore, the report points out that executives are especially prone to overestimating their progress when compared to those who are actually doing the work. Finally, teams that required approval by an external body achieved lower performance. The team has to be vigilant about ensuring the ability to independently test services. When creating your own surveys, use a Likert-like Scale, Descriptive (data is summarized and reported, e.g. Understand why, don't just copy behaviors, A Tribe is a collection of squads with interconnected missions. This is precisely what the Agile and Lean movements predict, Its worth noting that the ability to take an experimental approach to product development is highly correlated with the technical practices that contribute to continuous delivery. The stats on "the impact of delivery performance on organization performance" shows that software development and IT are not cost centers; they can provide a competitive advantage. However, it is essential to use these tools carefully. For people to bring their best to the work that may, in fact, eliminate their current job, they need complete faith that their leaders value themnot just for their present work but for their ability to improve and innovate in their work. 2005): Our analysis is clear: in todays fast-moving and competitive world, the best thing you can do for your products, your company, and your people is institute a culture of experimentation and learning, and invest in the technical and management capabilities that enable it. A study conducted by Anita Woolley and Thomas W. Malone measured group intelligence and found that teams with more women tended to fall above average on the collective intelligence scale (Woolley and Malone 2011). Encouraging pracitioners to move between departments. That said, there is a place for standardization, particularly around the architecture and configuration of infrastructure. When there is alignment, employees will thrive. All of these have a measurable impact on an organizations profitability, productivity, and market share. Latent constructs help us think carefully about what we want to measure and how we define our constructs. Implement Continuous Delivery. Our research shows that three things are highly correlated with software delivery performance and contribute to a strong team culture: cross-functional collaboration, a climate for learning, and tools. When Did "Save? Job satisfaction: Chapter 10 This is pretty bad, since system data affected by a bad actor can remain unnoticed for months, years, or never discovered. They give us several views into the behavior and performance of the system we are observing, helping us eliminate rogue data.

2017) report found that 31% of the industry is not using practices and principles that are widely considered to be necessary for accelerating technology transformations, such as continuous integration and continuous delivery, Lean practices, and a collaborative culture (i.e., capabilities championed by the DevOps movement). Its worth noting that an experimental approach to product development is highly correlated with the technical practices that contribute to continuous delivery. Where would I start implementing DevOps in an organization? Trust, 2021 DORA Explorer - My Highlights from the State of DevOps report, Azure DevOps Locally-Hosted Build Agent With Global NPM/.NET Tools, Developing With Project Dependencies - When to Package, When Not To, Ability, Capability, Capacity are basically the same, Solutions to Error "Unable to connect to Web Server IIS Express", Configuring Iterations for Teams in Azure DevOps, Basic Daily Git Commands, including "Rebase is Good", Unit Testing is Part of a Developer's Job Description, Scrum in Azure DevOps - A simpler (custom) process, Git commit/checkout is a snapshot, not a delta.

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