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PAD 4301 Disaster Planning for Urban Poor Communities (previously PAD 4936) EMHS has used drones in several disaster risk reduction projects in the Caribbean and is currently collaborating with the Florida Division of Emergency Management on integrating drones into emergency management and public safety. ** Bachelor's must be completed in combination with master's to meet teacher certification requirements. PAD 4072 Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Prerequisite: UAS in EM), PAD 4936 Policy and Implementation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Prerequisite: Application of UAS) Before a student may be issued a Certificate, they must apply for admission to that Certificate Program. PAD 4841 U.S. Intelligence Analysis and Communication #fsu-title img {width:60%; max-width:450px;}

GIS 4035 Introduction to Remote Sensing PAD 5378 Disaster Systems (Prerequisite: Foundations in Emergency Management) Each request will be reviewed and accommodated on a space available basis when the non-degree seeking enrollment appointment opens and a confirmation email will be sent indicating a final determination. 32306-4450, Florida State University -ms-filter: grayscale(100%); Florida State Three faculty members from EMHS have acquired manufacturer certifications for specific aircraft and the program has received a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the Federal Aviation Administration to fly UAS for research and educational purposes. } position: relative;

**Note: All certificate programsrequirean application. Tallahassee, FL 32306, FSU Directory Assistance

PAD 5935 Hard Targets and Intelligence Florida State University Copyright, Oceanography: Aquatic Environmental Science and Law, Information Communication Technology / Communication and Digital Media Studies, Information Communication Technology / Professional Communication, Instructional Systems and Learning Technologies, Chemical Engineering (Chemical Engineering or Materials Engineering major) / Chemical Engineering, Biomedical Engineering / Biomedical Engineering, Civil Engineering (Civil Engineering or Environmental Engineering major) / Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering / Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering / Electrical Engineering, Industrial Engineering / Industrial Engineering (engineering Management major), Mechanical Engineering / Mechanical Engineering, Public Administration/Urban and Regional Planning, Urban and Regional Planning/International Affairs, Urban and Regional Planning/Public Health, Certificate in Special Events, Undergraduate, Certificate in Law Enforcement Intelligence, Graduate, Certificate in Underwater Crime Scene Investigation, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Publishing and Editing (English), Graduate, Certificate in SAS Programming and Data Analysis (Statistics), Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Bilingual Services, Undergraduate, Certificate in Communication Science and Disorders, Graduate, Certificate in Developmental Disabilities, Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary, Certificate in Digital Video Production, Graduate, Certificate in Health Informatics, Graduate, Certificate in Health Information Technology, Undergraduate, Certificate in Information Architecture, Graduate, Certificate in Information Leadership and Management, Graduate, Certificate in Multicultural Marketing Communication, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Project Management, Graduate, Certificate in School Librarian Leadership, Graduate, Certificate in Athletic Coaching, Graduate, Certificate in Autism Spectrum Disorder, Graduate, Certificate in College Teaching, Graduate, Certificate in Educational Leadership/Administration - Modified Program, Graduate, Certificate in Human Performance Technology, Graduate, Certificate in Institutional Research, Graduate, Certificate in Instructional Design and Technology, Graduate, Certificate in Leadership Studies, Undergraduate, Certificate in Measurement and Statistics, Graduate, Certificate in Online Teaching and Learning, Graduate, Certificate in Program Evaluation, Graduate, Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Aerodynamics/Aerospace Engineering, Graduate, Certificate in Systems Engineering Leadership, Graduate, Certificate in Engineering Data Analytics, Graduate, Certificate in Museum Education and Visitor-Centered Exhibitions, Graduate, Certificate in Preparing Future Faculty, Graduate, Certificate in Preparing Future Professionals, Graduate, Certificate in Environmental, Natural Resources, and Land Use Law, Graduate, Certificate in Financial Regulation and Compliance, Graduate, Certificate in International Law, Graduate, Certificate in Medical Spanish Interpreter, Undergraduate, Certificate in Nursing Leadership, Graduate, Certificate in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Graduate, Certificate in Application of Unmanned Aircraft Systems, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Civic and Nonprofit Leadership, Graduate, Certificate in Emergency Management, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Florida City and County Management, Graduate, Certificate in Interdisciplinary Social Sciences, Undergraduate, Certificate in Political Science, Research Intensive, Undergraduate, Certificate in Public Administration, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Public Financial Management, Graduate, Certificate in U.S. National Intelligence Studies, Graduate, Certificate in Child Welfare Practice, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Gerontology, Undergraduate/Graduate, Certificate in Leadership in Executive and Administrative Development in Social Work, Graduate. A maximum of two electives may be selected from the Interdisciplinary Electives list. Box 3062550

-webkit-filter: grayscale(100%); Students must maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher in all certificate coursework.

Florida State University recognizes degrees and certificates as academic programs. Before a student may be issued a Certificate, they must apply for admission to that Certificate Program. left: -10px; URP 4423 Introduction to Environmental Planning and Resource Management, A FAQ on the UAS program is available on our Current Students page. PAD 4391 Foundations of Emergency Management

.pad-indent hr:after {clear:both} Students who receive grades lower than a C in any courses must repeat that course if they wish to have it apply to the Application of UAS certificate.

font-size: 16px; cursor: pointer; Communication Science & Disorder Prerequisite (Bridge) Program(NDS)Digital Video Production(DS & NDS)Health Information Technology (DS & NDS)Information Architecture(DS & NDS)Information Leadership & Management(DS & NDS)Reference Services (DS & NDS) (Fall 21' Name Changed to"User Services")School Librarian Leadership (DS & NDS)Multicultural Marketing Communication(DS & NDS)Project Management(DS & NDS)Youth Services(DS & NDS), 2019 The Graduate School, Florida State University } For more information on this, please review the, Program for Instructional Excellence (PIE), 2022 Celebration of Grad Student Excellence Photo Gallery, Office of Faculty Development and Advancement Website, Communication Science & Disorder Prerequisite (Bridge) Program(NDS), Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages(TESOL), Museum Education & Visitor- Centered Curation, Environmental, Natural Resources & Land Use Law, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. Emergency management and homeland security is a growing field in the United States and around the world.

color: #ccc; PAD 4382 Disaster Dollars: The Financing of Emergency Management Recovery GIS 4043 Geographic Information Systems Tallahassee, FL 32306, FSU Directory Assistance padding: .25em .25em .3em .3em; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL): Specialized Studies with Honors, Undergraduate, Criminology and Criminal Justice (for non-majors; online). color: #ccc; left: 10px; height: 70px; State and local emergency managers have shown intense interest in what drones can do for the field of emergency management, particularly emergency response, recovery and mitigation. PAD 5398 Emergency Management Programs, Planning, and Policy, PAD 5079 Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Emergency Management PAD 5935 Policy and Implementation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (Prerequisite: Application of UAS), PAD 5397 Foundations of Emergency Management }

PAD 4842 U.S. Intelligence Policy

-webkit-filter: grayscale(0%); PAD 5373 Emergency Management Leadership and Communications Questions or Comments, Privacy Policy

PAD 4084 International Terrorism Policy (Prerequisite: Intro to Terrorism) content: open-quote; Core Courses (Required) Students who receive grades lower than a C in any courses must repeat that course if they wish to have it apply to the Application of UAS certificate.

.faq:before, .admissions[aria-expanded="false"]:before { Florida State GEO 3015 Map Analysis padding-left:30px; Copyright, Office of Academic Services and Intern Support (OASIS), College of Education Student Organizations, Statistical and Research Design Consultation Services, Marvalene Hughes Research in Education Conference, Department of Educational Leadership & Policy Studies, Department of Educational Psychology & Learning Systems, Leadership Studies Certificate Admissions Form, http://thecenter.fsu.edu/llrc/leadership-studies-certificate, Office of Information and Instructional Technologies.

Successful completion of the courses applied to the USIS Certificate is defined as a grade of C or higher. } The filledPublic Policy Certificate Completion Formis must be submitted prior to grades posting in the semester in which you will complete all requirements for the Public Policy certificate. PAD 5389 Disasters: From Shock to Recovery (previously PAD 5935)

PAD 5848 U.S. Intelligence Community 850-644-3501, Florida State University

314 Westcott Bldg., Tallahassee, FL 32306

Interested in completing one of our other certificates in Emergency Management and Homeland Security or US Intelligence in addition to the UAS Certificate? .member-logos img { text-transform: none; Visit the Certificate Program Requirements for information about certificate completion. The graduate certificate in the Application of UAS requires 15 credit hours selected from the list below.

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