January 2022

Is Constructivism the Best Approach to Teaching?


When we think about education, it is important to see clearly that the contribution of the teacher is not trivial and elementary. Plato’s dialogues offer several examples of learning and teaching, most famously the Socratic questioning. Indeed, there are lots of classic theories of teaching and learning. Obviously, scientists, artists, politicians, and the great business men and women of the past have learned through those methods. However, looking back to the several images of learning and teaching, we saw that constructivism has tended to dominate in the last decades of the twentieth century. Unisma Jean-Jacques Rousseau is the father of the progressive educators. Yes, the deceptive Swiss philosopher, author of the novel Émile (1762), has inspired many with his nihilism.

Anyone who seriously approaches the study of learning and teaching methods, whether pedagogue, psychologist, or philosopher, must quickly become aware of the enormous difficulty of drawing a constructivist line to

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